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About The Artist

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Oddly Sweet Dolls are creepy cute One of A Kind Art Dolls, prints, stickers, resin paintings, drawings and more. 

Lacey Michelle Hayes mixed-media work is created for the uniquely weird at heart since 2009. Each character contains a fragment of her self yet have their own personality. They have been known to cause a bit of trouble once arriving to their new home. Oddly’s have traveled & live in almost every Country around the World. They are truly Oddly Sweet.

A variety of materials are used to create each piece. Exploring new techniques and materials is part of the joy of creating. Though there are different types of works they all tie into a larger body of work. She is a retired World known Reborn Doll Artist. 


Lacey is a Brain Tumor Survivor (2015) and is now incorporating her experiences into her work to bring awareness for others who are also going through their own battle. Giving hope and encouragement in a weird humorous way is the only way she knows how.

How did it all start you ask?  

Lacey started her professional career in the Reborn world in 2009. Being somewhat of a makeup artist, the Special FX process of creating these dolls intrigued me, she needed to know how they were created. After he first doll she created sold for $600 at auction on eBay, she knew she was onto something and thought she should create more. She started creating beautiful life-like reborn dolls that resembled real human babies. Being inspired by all things Victorian Gothic and the early 1900's, she had the idea to create Hauntingly Beautiful dolls that were apart of her "Dark & Twisty" series. Her particular style was not on the market at that time and she took a lot of heat over it. Let's just say hate mail rolled in. She kept with what made her happy and built a successful reborn doll career. Her Dark & Twisty series ranged from vampires, movie characters, Harijuku and more. Their costumes were all handmade and One of A Kind. Lacey's work reside in homes with private collectors all over the world. Her work has sold up to $5,000.00+ a piece. 

As of 2016, after having a brain tumor removed, she decided to take a long break from the art form to focus strictly grown her Oddly Sweet Dolls and find her way with Abstract paintings here and there. Perhaps one day she will pick up a kit again, but for now she's retired. She dose hope you enjoy some of her work below. The photos are only a small percent of the thousands of dolls ches created over the years. 

World Wide Recognition... 

Lacey’s work has been exhibited in galleries and conventions, published in magazines, online and have been nominated for awards. Her work is highly sought after and live in private collections across the globe.